Does your Business deliver Brand Consistency?

When I ask people what branding is, almost always, the first response is a company’s logo, a sign above a shop or sometimes I may hear that an advert represents a company’s brand. But branding is much more than just one thing. It is the end to end process a customer experiences whilst doing business with you. It is the impression left with that customer once they have the product or have used the service. … Continue reading

The Importance of Customer Databases….

A customer database, for many small businesses, will often start out as a small excel work sheet. This solution can work for the small number of customers a business usually starts with. However, as your business grows, the customers in the database grow too but your time is fully occupied by delivering for your customers. Customer databases are important for differing reasons, the most obvious one being that they list your customers and their contact … Continue reading

Could you Save Time and Money by Dictating your Work?

Many medical and legal professional fields use transcriptionists to type records but increasingly more and more companies are choosing to capture audio files for typing. Here’s why:- The average person talks at rate of 100 – 140 words per minute (some even faster!). The average typist can type at 35 – 40 words per minute. A touch typist between 60 – 100 words per minute. If someone types at an average speed of 35 words … Continue reading

Effective ways of getting organised

  Our time is precious. We can make the most of our time by getting organised and having effective tools and systems in place. Effective time management and prioritisation allow us to: Determine what work should be done and in what priority…. lining up liquorice allsorts in a row? Is this an essential task? Probably Not. But does it look pretty? Of course! Get through tasks more quickly. Free up time to spend on the … Continue reading

Three steps to outsourcing successfully

  As a small business owner, you’re tasked with keeping the day to day activities running along with the strategy to drive your business forward. It is a juggling act, involving dedication, hard work and lots of hours! Outsourcing the right work to the right people can enable business owners to drive their business forward. Knowing what to outsource and to who can be a minefield! Here are three easy steps to understand what and how … Continue reading

How can VBSS help you?

You decided to set up on your own…. What is the story behind your business? Were you one of the lucky ones who spotted an opportunity to turn a hobby into a business? Did you identify a niche in the market? Or maybe you were adamant to be your own boss? Whatever story is behind your business adventure I bet you didn’t fully anticipate just how many admin tasks there would be, particularly as your … Continue reading

An Introduction to VBSS

Welcome to the virtual world of Virtual Business Support Services. We launched our service in September 2015 providing Virtual Support (and possible on-site support) to clients who want to free their valuable time to focus on core business activities. Using Virtual Business Support Services has many advantages: Saves Time allowing clients to focus on core business activities Saves Money by only paying for the work clients outsource. It’s significantly cheaper than hiring a part or … Continue reading