3 Steps to Robust Performance Management

When businesses start out, the priority is usually on gaining customers, retaining clients, and generating greater income to help the business grow. Once the business has a sustainable income, they begin to expand and recruit employees to cope with the increase in demand. It is important from this early stage to use a solid recruitment process to get the right person in place. It is also crucial that employees are put on probationary periods with … Continue reading

Motivate & Engage Your Team with Efficient & Well-Mapped Processes

  It is exciting when businesses begin to grow and take on new team members. Demand is there, sales are up, and the team needs to expand. But what happens if processes are not adapted to accommodate the increased employee levels? What happens if processes are not documented and there are no standards in place? Reviewing processes should be a key consideration for business owners when teams expand. With more people to carry out a … Continue reading

Knowing Your Data = Business Growth

When business owners start out on their new business venture, data is quite likely to be one of the last considerations. Focus is more likely to be on getting customers or clients to buy their product or service. Afterall, what is a business without customers and sales? Data can often be an afterthought or given little thought at all because sometimes, it can be hard to see the point in capturing data. Isn’t it just … Continue reading

Do I Need a CRM?

‘Do I need a CRM?’ is a question that so many business owners ask. Some businesses may need a CRM from day one, others can make do with an Excel Spreadsheet for the first 5-years of business. It really depends on the type of business you run; this determines the volume of customers you have, how orders are processed, and the ways in which you communicate with your customers. A good CRM system is much … Continue reading

Save Money with Efficient Processes

When businesses look to make cost-savings in their business, they often look at what they can cut back on. Doing this will have an immediate and desired result on the savings they need to make but in the long-term, if the decision hasn’t been well-thought-out, the business will suffer. For example, if the headcount is reduced across a number of teams, it will result in poor performance because the volume of work hasn’t decreased. It … Continue reading

4 Tips to Mapping Out Business Processes

Process mapping is often undertaken by business owners who want to make improvements to their business processes. If you are a business owner, you might be ready to expand your team or take on your first team member. Maybe you want to implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which needs to be used consistently or you want to make improvements to your ways of working. Whatever your situation, process maps can be an invaluable … Continue reading

What do business processes, customer relationships and data have in common?

What do business processes, customer relationships and data have in common? These three, when working together, just like the wheels of a cog, provide your business with clarity, growth and the ability to make informed decisions to move your business forward. Individually they are important but bringing these three elements together, has the power, to transform your business. I recently visited a well-known supermarket, to collect two online orders and return an item of clothing. … Continue reading

Does your Business deliver Brand Consistency?

When I ask people what branding is, almost always, the first response is a company’s logo, a sign above a shop or sometimes I may hear that an advert represents a company’s brand. But branding is much more than just one thing. It is the end to end process a customer experiences whilst doing business with you. It is the impression left with that customer once they have the product or have used the service. … Continue reading

The Importance of CRMs

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), for many small businesses, will often start out as a small excel worksheet. This solution can work for the small number of customers a business usually starts with. However, as your business grows, the customers in the database grow too but your time is fully occupied by delivering for your customers. CRMs are important for differing reasons, the most obvious one being that they list your customers and their contact … Continue reading

Could you Save Time and Money by Dictating your Work?

Many medical and legal professional fields use transcriptionists to type records but increasingly more and more companies are choosing to capture audio files for typing. Here’s why:- The average person talks at rate of 100 – 140 words per minute (some even faster!). The average typist can type at 35 – 40 words per minute. A touch typist between 60 – 100 words per minute. If someone types at an average speed of 35 words … Continue reading