Do I Need a CRM?

‘Do I need a CRM?’ is a question that so many business owners ask. Some businesses may need a CRM from day one, others can make do with an Excel Spreadsheet for the first 5-years of business. It really depends on the type of business you run; this determines the volume of customers you have, how orders are processed, and the ways in which you communicate with your customers.

A good CRM system is much more than a simple list of customers, it is interactive. It helps you understand your customer base, understand what work is in the sales pipeline, and notify you when contact should be made with a customer. Your customers are critical to the success of your business. They need to be looked after for the growth of your business.

Do you agree with any of the following statements? If so, now could be a great time to start looking at an off-the-shelf CRM package:

  • You want to grow your customer/client base.
  • You want to improve the quality of communication with your customers/clients.
  • You want a visual sales pipeline to understand the work that could be coming through one, two, six-months down the line.
  • You want to take your customers/clients on an impressive customer journey that makes them remember your business.
  • You want to collate data to help you make better-informed business decisions. For example, understanding the number of sales enquiries compared with the volume that go through to completion.

The CRM market is competitive with lots of different CRMs to choose from. Some start with a basic free package and go up in tiers. Others offer ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ packages including websites, integrated email marketing, and many other functionalities.

If you would like external support looking at the best off-the-shelf CRM for your business needs, we work in partnership with businesses to maximise your day and get your business ready for growth by driving efficiencies and supporting the implementation of a CRM. We offer a free 60-minute consultation which provides you with clear next steps for moving your business forward. Get in touch.