What do business processes, customer relationships and data have in common?

What do business processes, customer relationships and data have in common? These three, when working together, just like the wheels of a cog, provide your business with clarity, growth and the ability to make informed decisions to move your business forward. Individually they are important but bringing these three elements together, has the power, to transform your business.

I recently visited a well-known supermarket, to collect two online orders and return an item of clothing. I queued for a considerable amount of time at customer services to pick up the orders. When I got to the front of the queue, I understood why I had been waiting so long, their processes were not efficient. In addition to needing my online order number, they needed other pieces of personal information too. They then had to travel quite some distance to locate the order. I was then told, I had to go to another counter to pick up the other online order. I endured the same grueling process over again, which included queuing and waiting for the order to be located. For my final errand of returning a piece of clothing, I was directed to another counter to return the item of clothing. Bracing myself for a similar experience, I was pleasantly surprised when this transaction was straight forward.

As a customer, I left the supermarket feeling extremely frustrated. This is a large supermarket and they are unable to get their processes working efficiently. This inefficiency affects the supermarket in several ways; their staff are not working effectively and because of this, they are wasting money. Secondly, the customer experience was unpleasant, and I would think again before ordering clothing online. Potentially, it could put people off shopping there altogether.

I feel very passionately about getting processes right. Key business processes are the lifeline to your business’s success and growth. There are numerous benefits to having efficient processes in place, from consistency, eliminating waste to maximising customer relationships.

Your business may be suffering from:

  • Inconsistent ways of working and/or inefficiencies in current processes and you know that money and time are wasted.
  • No Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or an ineffective CRM in place and you struggle to manage your customers effectively, to maximise the relationship.
  • No way of collecting data, meaning that you are unable to work out what is and is not working well for your business.

Your customers may be suffering from:

  • Inconsistent communication from you in relation to the product or service they have purchased.
  • The frustration that each time they deal with you, the process is different.
  • Lack of communication following their purchase from you; they don’t know what updated services/products you offer and any offers you have on because you have no way of keeping them updated.

Does your business lack consistent processes with no way of effectively managing customer relationships?
Would like documented, efficient processes and standards that work alongside a CRM with the ability to record and analyse data?
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