Does your Business deliver Brand Consistency?

When I ask people what branding is, almost always, the first response is a company’s logo, a sign above a shop or sometimes I may hear that an advert represents a company’s brand. But branding is much more than just one thing. It is the end to end process a customer experiences whilst doing business with you. It is the impression left with that customer once they have the product or have used the service. Get the branding right and customers are likely to return.

From the way a telephone is answered, or the greeting a customer receives in a shop to the company logo, customer documentation, social media experiences and website. All of this is important and needs to be well thought out. A branding strategy helps to determine your brand personality and how you can deliver this consistently.

The branding goal for any business is for customers to encounter a positive ‘Brand Experience’. This is where people visualise, feel, use and experience your brand. They believe everything about your brand and image to be true about the service or product they receive. They could initially be drawn to your brand by the logo, colours, font type and graphic elements used giving them information to perceive what your brand or services will offer and be like. From this, they will have expectations and if these are not met, they will encounter a poor ‘Brand Experience’.

A business could be experts at social media engagement and have a well branded website but not so good at customer engagement face to face or over the telephone. The ‘Brand Experience’ is about consistency throughout the end to end customer experience. Is your brand consistently delivered throughout your business? For example, do you use customer documentation materials, such as invoices, welcome packs, information pages, training materials, leaflets or reports? Could they be re-formatted to ensure your brand is communicated throughout the documentation? If so, Virtual Business Support Services are here to help.

At Virtual Business Support Services, we can help refresh your existing documentation to ensure your logo, colour scheme, font type and size are right for your brand. We can include graphs, data, pictures, text boxes to help give your documentation a branded professional feel. Give us a call and we can discuss your documentation brand needs.