The Importance of Customer Databases….

A customer database, for many small businesses, will often start out as a small excel work sheet. This solution can work for the small number of customers a business usually starts with. However, as your business grows, the customers in the database grow too but your time is fully occupied by delivering for your customers.

Customer databases are important for differing reasons, the most obvious one being that they list your customers and their contact details. But they also do a lot more…. a good database can identify trends to show such things as who your most and least valuable customers are. An up to date customer database provides the building blocks to market your business. It provides a list of customers, both old and new, who have at some point been interested in the services or products you offer. Using this list is a great way to target customers so that they become repeat customers.

A client database forms the basis of what is now commonly known as ‘Client Relationship Management’ (CRM). CRM is much more than just a client database; it is the management of all interactions with your customers.

An effective CRM system can:

  • Increase sales and profits through the analysis of data enabling business owners to better time promotions and offers and also cross sell products
  • Provide effective marketing channels
  • Enhance customer satisfaction (and therefore customer retention)

Customer databases need to be easy to use, with minimal effort to maintain. Do you have a customer database that just doesn’t work for you anymore? Have you been thinking about getting it updated but just don’t have the time to spare?  A customer database can exist in Excel or in a Cloud Based Solution costing from as little as £10 per month.

Contact Alex at Virtual Support Services Business to see how we can help. We can discuss your CRM needs; we can create a new database, migrate existing contacts, set up regular analysis reports and set up email marketing templates. We can also support long term with monthly database management and regular email marketing.

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