Could you Save Time and Money by Dictating your Work?

Many medical and legal professional fields use transcriptionists to type records but increasingly more and more companies are choosing to capture audio files for typing. Here’s why:-

  • The average person talks at rate of 100 – 140 words per minute (some even faster!).
  • The average typist can type at 35 – 40 words per minute. A touch typist between 60 – 100 words per minute.

If someone types at an average speed of 35 words per minute but talks at 140 words per minute, they are typing 75% slower than they are talking. Capturing information that would normally be typed on a Dictaphone will save time to focus on more important activities.

If you’ve not considered outsourced transcribing work before, here are some ideas of the types of tasks that could be outsourced:-

  • Dictate client letters, if you type at less than 35 words per minute (average speed) dictating a letter is likely to take a quarter of the time it would take you to type the letter. Doing just a few of these each week will save you time to focus on other tasks.
  • Capture ideas and brainstorming sessions by verbally recording the session. Trying to capture notes can hinder the creative thought process.
  • Site Inspection Reports, Inventory Specialists, Estate Agents can capture their inspections and site visits via a Dictaphone on site saving the hassle of using pen and paper whilst on the move.
  • Record meetings and interviews instead of having someone take notes. It allows those involved to fully participate and not worry about capturing notes. It also ensures nothing is missed.

Outsourcing transcription work saves money, time and can improve your turnaround.

Saves Money – you simply pay for the audio minutes you outsource – you know up front how much the recording will cost. You don’t need to pay an employee a salary, pension, holiday and sick pay.

Saves Time – talking takes less time than typing and frees your time to focus on more important activities. In addition, you don’t need to performance manage an employee or set-up office space and computer equipment.

Quick Turnaround – in-house transcriptionists can be restricted by office hours, Virtual Assistants are not. They can work flexibly in the evenings, at weekends and turn work around quickly. They also have additional resource to support during busy times ensuring volume work is turned around quickly.

If you’re new to dictating work or you want to start outsourcing your transcription work, email