Three steps to outsourcing successfully


As a small business owner, you’re tasked with keeping the day to day activities running along with the strategy to drive your business forward. It is a juggling act, involving dedication, hard work and lots of hours!

Outsourcing the right work to the right people can enable business owners to drive their business forward. Knowing what to outsource and to who can be a minefield! Here are three easy steps to understand what and how to outsource successfully:

Step 1: What tasks do you complete and how long do they take?

Often tasks are completed on auto-pilot, with little understanding of how much time they are absorbing within your working week. Having a clear understanding of the tasks you complete on a monthly basis is the first step in understanding what can be outsourced. Using a timing system like ‘Toggl’ can help categorise work into sections and provide an understanding of how long the work takes to complete.

Step 2: What tasks do you add value to?

Once step 1 is understood, it is good to understand which tasks you add value to and the tasks you enjoy, dislike and play to your natural strengths. Tasks you dislike and don’t play to your natural strengths are likely to take you longer to complete. If these tasks are outsourced to someone with natural strengths for that particular task, they are likely to take far less time to complete.

Step 3: Finding the right Person

Finding the right person to complete the tasks is a really important part of outsourcing the work. It may be necessary to outsource to more than one person and build your own virtual team. It is important that the person or people you outsource to share your values and work ethic and that they have the right skills to complete the task at hand. Hence there may be a need to outsource to more than one person.

The key to finding the right person is to talk to Virtual Assistants and ask them questions. Make sure you feel comfortable with their responses and see if a trial period can be put in place. To get the most out of the working partnership, investing time up front to educate your Virtual Support on what it is you want to achieve. They want to support your business but they can only do that if they fully understand what it is you expect and need. They need to understand your vision and goals. Clear communication and feedback is critical to the success of the working partnership.

If you are considering outsourcing work but not sure where to begin, Virtual Business Support Services can help. We offer a free one hour consultation to those who know what they want to outsource. If you’re not sure what to outsource, we offer a package to support you in understanding the tasks you carry out and determine what work could be outsourced. There is no obligation to use our services after this piece of work has been carried out; after all, the key to outsourcing successfully is to find the right person with the right skills to support your business.

If you’re in need of virtual support, contact Virtual Business Support Services,